Gadgets are making me broke!!

Lets face it, We have numerous gadgets pooping up every minute and every second. From Chinese knock off “Apple earpods” to genuine “Apple headphones”, all tech companies are in a race to release the next “big thing” in the tech world.

While the race for “smartness” seems to have been won by apple products, other small tech companies have not been left behind. They are willing to risk everything in a bid to turn every small thing into a “smart” thing, from talking umbrellas to walking suitcases we basically have a gadget for anything you can think of.

In my country where i reside in, we happen to have a very “good” relationship with china, you know, the worlds best “cloner”. Being in a such a relationship has allowed us citizens to enjoy the some of the best tech gadgets around at a reasonably cheap price. Definitely this comes at a cost as most gadgets are just clones of the original hence we lose some bit of functionality here and there.

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Having said that, you would find apple clone ear pods for as cheap as $18(Ksh 1800) and some beats by dre headphones for as low as $25 (ksh 2500). Exact same design, same colors, same name at 1/3 of the original price. This has totally led me to buy gadgets left right and center without even having to budget or second think about it. We usually wait a month or two after the original device has been released for sale clearly knowing our good Chinese neighbors are working tirelessly burning the midnight oil just to get us a clone into our hands.

I have typically bought products that i have used for just hours and forgot about them to others being used on a daily basis only for them to be ditched for another brand with “better” and “improved” tech.

All in all, it seems this “tech” gadget wave will not end soon well until maybe when we get our first flying car which might happen sooner than later given the way Elon musk and Tesla are doing their thing.


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