Will Technology Ruin or Keep us Together – Kenyan Elections

A ballot box with calendar

Following the death of the IEBC’s Head of ICT during the 2017 elections, it was speculated that he was murdered so that the elections results would be tampered with. At the point in time, biometrics devices were being used to authenticate voters in the various polling stations. Not much has changed since then as the same same devices will be used during this years elections.

A lot has improved ever since 2017, especially on the tech side of life. Cloud computing has taken over and this begs the question whether IEBC will incorporate cloud computing in its infrastructure. With cloud computing we obviously expect better security and access as opposed to local servers.

If IEBC is to incorporate the same, we shall see a race for provision of the service from tech bigwigs such Amazon with their amazonAWS service, Microsoft with Azure service, Alibaba and Google. Whomever IEBC chooses will obviously be in-charge of data security, data analytics and everything in-between.

We totally hope technology will not fail us this time as it did in the 2017 elections with some polling stations claiming the biometrics gadgets were faulty or were out of range of internet service.

With whomever cloud service provider that will be chosen, we wish them all the best.

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