Anspo 8 Channel WIFI CCTV KIT Review

Anspo 8 Channel WIFI Kit

We received a client request for installation of a CCTV solution for his homestead but the client did not want to have lots of cables around his home. While researching on a solution for the request, i stumbled upon the Anspo 8 channel wifi kit. The packaging itself does not indicate alot of information like wifi type, distance covered, camera colour or any of that but it just indicate very basic information.

The unit comes in a white box with different boxes inside that hold the power supplies, cameras and the NVR itself.


The cameras are made up of semi-metalic material with the base holder being fully metallic. The cameras have 2 cables attached to it, one is power while the other holds the reset/pairing button. The cameras are 2MegaPixel resolution with night vision capabilities.

Overall the build quality is quite good considering the costs.


The NVR(Network video recorder) is very light weight even when the hard drive is attached to it. The Nvr comes with several ports:

  • A HDMI out port
  • A VGA port
  • RJ45 Ethernet port
  • 2 USB type A ports
  • 12V DC power in port


Its pretty simple to install the units as all they need is a power outlet and direct internet access connected to the NVR. Mounting the cameras is basically the same as all other cctv cameras in the market but aftermarket screws will be required as the ones that comes with the unit are too small. Basically mounting the cameras and powering them up is all that is needed to connect the camera to the NVR.

Power is all they need.

Once a camera is powered up, the NVR automatically detects it and outputs the video signal to the TV or monitor depending on what you are using to view the footage.


The unit is solid, built quality is fair and overall the installation procedure was smooth and fast.

Finished setup.

A full video review is available on youtube. Full link to the video:

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